CLICK ON THIS LINK TO DOWNLOAD THE OFFICIAL DETAILED SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM (invited, contributed, and affiliated) OF THE CONGRESS, including rooms, session chairs, and a double program, by days & sections (July 11th)


Special topic

Logic and Science Facing the New Technologies

Program structure

We also list the speakers who have accepted so far our invitation for invidual lectures or symposia. The list will be regularly completed .

A. Logic

A1. Mathematical Logic

A2. Philosophical Logic

Symposium on General Proof Theory:

Chair: Kosta Došen

Individual speakers:

A3. Logic and Computation

B. General Philosophy of Science

B1. Methodology and Scientific Reasoning

Symposium on Evolutionary models in epistemology and philosophy of science:

Chair: Elliott Sober


B2. Ethical Issues in the Philosophy of Science

B3. Historical Aspects in the Philosophy of Science

C. Methodological and Philosophical Issues of Particular Sciences

C1. Logic, Mathematics and Computer Science

C2. Cognitive Science (including Linguistics and Psychology)

C3. Biology

C4. Chemistry

C5. Physics

C6. Medicine

C7. Environmental Sciences

C8. Economics and Social Sciences

D. Methodological and Philosophical Issues in Technology



The congress will also offer several plenary lectures, special symposia, as well as a general program for a wider audience.



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