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Vintondale's AMD&ART Park is now managed by Vintondale Borough and its Planning Commission.

Borough of Vintondale
Vintondale Borough Planning Commission
Suite 4, 671 Main St
Vintondale PA 15961
Phone: 814-749-7552

This web site has two sections.

The first section is AMD&ART Inc., which includes information about the ongoing activities of the AMD&ART nonprofit organization in 2006 and beyond. Contact the AMD&ART nonprofit organization at

The second section is the AMD&ART Project: 1994 – 2005. Here, you will find a discussion of our approach to reclaiming land and water damaged by acid mine drainage, an extensive tour of the AMD&ART reclamation site and treatment process, text copies of the grants we obtained to make each part of the site possible, and a collection of newsletters, articles, and other information. Contact the AMD&ART Project: 1994 – 2005 at

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