CAPR Workshop

CAPR Workshop - CSID held a workshop on 22 and 23 April in Washington, DC, to bring together CAPR researchers, researchers with related expertise, and some of the main users of this research for a mid-term assessment and re-orientation of CAPR research. This both allowed users to affect the course of this research and aid with the dissemination of CAPR results beyond the academic community.

The following powerpoint presentations are available from the workshop:

Workshop Introduction Robert Frodeman

National Science Foundation Jim Lightbourne

National Institutes of Health Alan Willard

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada  Bill Milson

National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration  Nancy Beller-Simms

European Commission  Alan Cross

The Dutch Technology Foundation (STW). Rens Vandeberg

CAPR Overview and Survey. J. Britt Holbrook and Steven Hrotic

CAPR Digital Repository. William Moen and Serhiy Polyakov

Additional information about the workshop available here.