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Frederick Douglass Family Tree:

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Isaac Bailey
married Betsey Bailey
Harriet Bailey, their daughter
her son (by an unknown man):
Frederick Douglass,
married Anna Murray Douglass (first wife)
The Douglasses' five children:
1. Rosetta Douglass (1839-1906)
married Nathan Sprague
Frederick Douglass's seven grandchildren: the Spragues
Annie Rosine Sprague Norris
Harriet Bailey Sprague
Alice Louise Sprague
Estelle Irene Sprague Weaver
Fredericka Douglass Sprague Perry
Herbert Douglass Sprague
Rosebelle Mary Sprague Jones
2. Lewis Henry Douglass (1840-1908)
married Helen Amelia Loguen
No Children
3. Frederick Douglass Jr. (1842-1892)
married Virginia Hewlett
Frederick Douglass's seven grandchildren: the Douglasses
Frederick Aaron Douglass
Jean Hewlett Douglass
Lewis Henry Douglass
Maud Ardelle Douglass
Charles Paul Douglass
Gertrude Paul Douglass
Robert Small Douglass
4. Charles Remond Douglass (1844-1920)
A. married Mary Elizabeth Murphy
Frederick Douglass's six grandchildren: the Douglasses
Charles Frederick Douglass
Joseph Henry Douglass
Annie Elizabeth Douglass
Julia Ada Douglass
Mary Louise Douglass
Edward Douglass
B. married Laura Antoinette Haley
Frederick Douglass's one grandchild, Douglass
Haley George Douglass
5. Annie Douglass (1849-1860)
Frederick Douglass
married Helen Pitts (second wife)
they had no children.
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