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Statistical Briefs

Statistical Briefs are 2- to 4- page reports issued occasionally and provide timely data on specific issues of public policy. Presented in narrative style with graphs, the reports summarize data from demographic surveys of the U.S. population.

Trouble Shooting pre-1995 Briefs in Acrobat

These documents are in Adobe Acrobat's Portable Document Format (PDF). In order to view these files, you will need Acrobat Reader which is available for free from the Adobe web site.

Beginning in December, 1996, the Statistical Briefs series were redesigned and reissued as the Census Briefs.

The Census Briefs series are now available at CenStats.

1996 Statistical Briefs

Hispanic-Owned Businesses: Reaching New Heights
Empresas Cuyos Dueños son Hispanos:Alcanzando Nuevas Metas
Black-Owned Businesses: Strongest in Services
Election '96 -- Counting the American Electorate
Who Owns the Nation's Rental Properties?

1995 Statistical Briefs

Acquired Plants in the Food Manufacturing Industry Show Improved Performance
Do LBO's Profit after R&D Cuts?
Getting a Helping Hand Long--Term Participants in Assistance Programs
What We're Worth--Asset Ownership of Households: 1993
Mothers Who Receive WIC--Fertility and Socioeconomic Characteristics
The Nation's Asian and Pacific Islander Population -- 1994
The Nation's Hispanic Population--1994
La Población Hispana de los Estados Unidos--1994
Health Insurance Coverage--Who Had a Lapse Between 1991 and 1993?
Housing in Metropolitan Areas--Motor Vehicles Available
Mothers Who Receive Food Stamps
Home Equity Lines of Credit: A Look at the People Who Obtain Them
Just What the Doctor Ordered: The Effect of Health Insurance Coverage on Doctor and Hospital Visits
Home Sweet Home: American's Housing, 1973 to 1993
Women in the United States: A Profile
Income and Job Mobility in the Early 1990's
Mothers Who Receive AFDC Payments
Reducing Toxins: Where to Look and How to Do It
Housing in Metropolitan Areas-Hispanic Origin Households
Housing in Metropolitan Areas-Black Households
Housing in Metropolitan Areas-Asian or Pacific Islander Households
Housing in Metropolitan Areas-Home Heating Fuel
Sixty-Five Plus in the United States
Housing of American Indians on Reservations-Plumbing
Housing of American Indians on Reservations-Structural Characteristics
Housing of American Indians on Reservations-Equipment and Fuels
Poverty Areas
Who Receives Child Support?
How Much We Earn-Factors That Make a Difference

1994 Statistical Briefs

Americans with Disabilities
Household Wealth and Asset Ownership: 1991
The Earnings Ladder: Who's at the Bottom? Who's at the Top?
The World at a Glance: 1994
Who's Minding the Kids?
Health Insurance Coverage- Who Had a Lapse Between 1990 and 1992?
House Beautiful-Patterns of Home Maintenance
Tracking the American Dream -- Fifty Years of Housing Changes
Metropolitan Areas
Mobile Homes
Blacks in America-1992
New Homes
Housing in Metropolitan Areas-Structural Characteristics
Phoneless in America
More Education Means Higher Career Earnings
Housing of Lower-Income Households
Housing in Metropolitan Areas-Renter Financial Characteristics
Housing in Metropolitan Areas-Movers and Stayers
Dollars for Scholars-Postsecondary Costs and Financing
Export Manufacturers Complete Successfully in Pay, Productivity, and Presence
Who Exports? Who Buys?
Two Different Worlds: Men and Women From 9 to 5
Our Scholastic Society
Housing in Metropolitan Areas-Single Parent Families
Financing Our Residential Property
Health Insurance Coverage-1993

1993 Statistical Briefs

America's Income-Changes Between the Censuses
Black Americans: A Profile
What Do We Pay for Living Space?
Vacant Homes
Housing Changes: 1981 to 1991
Preparing for Retirement: Who Had Pension Coverage in 1991?
Education: The Ticket to Higher Earnings
Bureaucrats Are Beyond the Beltway
Buying That First Home- A Look at New First-Time Homeowners
Who Owns America's Farmland?
Recessions Matter for State Tax Collections
Asian and Pacific Islander Americans: A Profile
Measuring the Productivity Impact of Pollution Abatement
Higher Wages Accompany Advanced Technology
Poverty in the United States- Changes Between the Censuses
Who Could Afford to Buy a House in 1991?
Statistical Indicators on Women: An Asian Perspective

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