NLM Use of Persistent Cookies

The PubMed retrieval system provides a user configuration feature called 'MyNCBI' which employs persistent cookies as an option. The persistent cookie allows users to retain preferences between sessions without the need to sign in to the MyNCBI account each time PubMed is used. The persistent cookie retains user preferences such as search result filters, LinkOut displays, institutional icon links, document delivery services, etc. across user sessions. Users may opt out of the persistent cookie selection in their MyNCBI settings at any time.

Many NIH sites are now running customer satisfaction surveys that employ persistent cookies. Participation in this data collection effort is completely voluntary, and failure to respond will in no way affect the visitor's ability to access information. This information will be used by NIH solely for the purpose of improving our public Web sites. More information is available on this use of persistent cookies.

Last reviewed: 16 June 2009
Last updated: 16 June 2009
First published: 18 March 2005
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