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Products Not Eligible for FUSE Directories in Certain Markets

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U.S. Commercial Service offices in these markets are generally able to accept any product for listing in its FUSE directory that a USEAC is allowed to promote:


In some markets, the U.S. Commercial Service is unable to list certain products on local websites, even if promotion in other markets by the U.S. Commercial Service is permitted.

In such cases, U.S. companies registering for the FUSE service will not be charged the posting fee for any markets selected if the product cannot be posted to the local website.

Ineligible Products by Market

The U.S. Commercial Service offices in these markets are unable to post products that fall into the categories listed after the country name, as follows:

AUSTRALIA Various items.

CANADA Various items.

COLOMBIA Used/secondhand clothing items.

COSTA RICA Used tires; firearms and ammunition (restricted import); hazardous waste; therapeutic drugs (restricted import); all food products.

ECUADOR Used/secondhand clothing items; used/secondhand vehicles; automobiles manufactured in previous years.

FINLAND All food and drink, whether bulk or consumer; PCB and PCT chemicals used in transformers and condensers causing problem waste products; CFC chemicals; whale meat.

GREECE Live animals.

IRELAND Bulk agricultural products (consumer products are acceptable); all animal feed, not including pet food.

JAPAN Food and drink products; pet food; and various items.  (The Agricultural Trade Office in Tokyo handles food products; email or visit

JORDAN Used tires; firearms/weapons and ammunition; refurbished/used medical equipment

KOREA Live animals.

KUWAIT Alchohol; pork or port extracted products; used/secondhand clothing.

MALAYSIA All food and drink, whether bulk or consumer; all animal feed, including pet food; aquaculture products (fish and seafood).

MEXICO All food and drink, whether bulk or consumer; alcohol or alcoholic beverages; tobacco/tobacco related products; all animal feed, including pet food; raw wood; weapons and armaments; used/secondhand clothing items.

NEW ZEALAND Various items.

PERU Used/secondhand clothing items.

PHILIPPINES Used/secondhand clothing.

UNITED KINGDOM Offensive weapons; unlicensed drugs; obscene material/sexual materials involving children; counterfeit or pirated goods.

Ineligible Products by Product Type

Bulk Agricultural Products Ireland

Food and Drink Products Costa Rica, Finland, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Vietnam, India, Kuwait (pork or pork extracted products) 

Animal Feed Costa Rica, Ireland, Malaysia, Mexico

Pet Food Costa Rica, Malaysia, Mexico

Aquaculture Products Malaysia (fish and seafood)

Chemicals Finland (PCB and PCT chemicals; CFC chemicals)

Live Animals Greece, Korea

Raw Wood Mexico

Weapons and/or Armaments Japan, Mexico, Costa Rica (restricted import) 

Used/Secondhand Clothing  Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Kuwait 

Alchohol Kuwait