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Horn of Africa Piracy

As an industry facilitator to meet security challenges, one of the roles of the Maritime Administration is to provide useful information to both the private and public sectors in the event of a transportation crisis.

Piracy off the coast of Somalia escalated in 2008 causing a significant disruption to the Marine Transportation System (MTS), as well as endangering the life of merchant mariners. As part of the Maritime Administration action plan for addressing piracy off the Horn of Africa, pertinent information is consolidated on this site for easy access to current status and advice to counter-piracy and armed robbery. The information is intended to assist ship owners, operators, and other maritime industry representatives to be prepared to prevent seajackings.

For more specific information, a collaboration room may be accessed by registering on MarView and sending an e-mail to Mr. Robert Brown at robert.brown@dot.gov requesting access to the Somali Piracy collaboration web site once registered.

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