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Freedom of Information Activities

Annual Report, Fiscal Year 1997

Total number of requests received:                  128
Total fees charged:                           $1,718.00 
Total fees collected:                         $1,579.10 
Total number of initial denials:                     16 
Number of times each exemption was used: 

(3)  6      P.L. 104-201—Exemption 3 statute(s) used
(4) 14
(6)  3

Person responsible for initial denial of  records:

Steven Merrill,  Freedom of Information Officer            Number:  2
DonnaRae Castillo, Acting Freedom of Information Officer   Number: 14

Number of times other authorities were cited:

a. non-possession of records..........................8
b. inadequate identification   
c. refusal to pay reasonable fee 

Total number of instances where requester was notified in writing
of extension of statutory 10-day time limit:

a. need to search for and collect records from 
   facilities other than office processing 
b. need to search for, collect, and examine a 
   voluminous amount of records
c. need to consult with other offices/agencies.......13

Cost of processing requests:

a. staff costs (including clericals)
         FOIA staff                             $ 8,583
         program staff                            1,962
b. other processing costs
         copying records (10 cents per page)      2,566
         production of computer-based               140
         mailing costs (postage/container)          391

                                      Subtotal: $13,642

c. other costs in administering the FOIA:
         development of policy & procedures
              formulation of policy (including 
              meetings with FOI, OGC & 
              program staff)                      $ 500
              regulations (writing & review)        224
              manuals & guidelines (writing 
              & review)                             280
              instructors and trainees                0
              attendant travel expenses               0
              reference materials                     0
         printing costs (regs., manuals, etc.)        0
         staff cost for preparing report            140

                                      Subtotal: $ 1,144

         Total cost of appeals (for those 
         offices with appeal authority)               0

                                         Total: $14,786

Report prepared by: DonnaRae Castillo, Acting Freedom of Information Officer
Agency for Health Care Policy and Research

Internet Citation:

Freedom of Information Activities: Annual Report, Fiscal Year 1997. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.


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