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Raising public awareness of the benefits and challenges associated with marine aquaculture is a goal of the NOAA Aquaculture Program. [NOAA Aquaculture Program photo]

Welcome to the Aquaculture Library. The Aquaculture library provides information of interest to scientists and others working with marine aquaculture. While the Aquaculture library focuses on NOAA-related activities and materials, it is also a source for information for others working in the field of aquaculture and related fields. Resources include bibliographies, citations of peer-reviewed articles, and NOAA publications.

Virtual Library Search

The NOAA Aquaculture Virtual Library Search is a database that will feature aquaculture research reports, peer-reviewed articles, publications, journals and other scientific literature from the United States and abroad. Developed in cooperation with the NOAA Central Library's Aquaculture Information Center, the database will expand as publications and new electronic search capabilities are added.

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The Aquaculture Team of the NOAA Central Library manages the Aquaculture Information Center at the library. For questions or comments, please send e-mail to

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