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GFDL's Data Portal

GFDL CM2.0 and CM2.1 Climate Experiments:

Model output and documentation from a set of multi-century experiments performed using GFDL's CM2.0 and CM2.1 models are being made available to the public. Data sets accessible from the GFDL Data Portal include those from CM2.X experiments associated with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's 4th Assessment Report (IPCC) and the US Climate Change Science Program (US CCSP).

For more information about the models and how to download their output, please refer to the GFDL CM2.X Coupled Climate Models page on this server.

Our Data Portal Services

Public data sets from GFDL are made available through the GFDL Data Portal. The Data Portal is designed to allow one to download files, display data files attributes, and graphically display the data. One can download complete files via "http" and "ftp" access. One can also display data file attributes that provide information about file contents without having to download the file itself. Continued development of the Live Access Server is ongoing to enhance the ability of a remote user to graphically display the data.

Our Public Data Files

Registration for the GFDL Data Files is free. Users are requested to complete the Registration Form for Public Data Files (found on the right hand menu) when they first begin using the data portal. Information from this form will be used to provide registered users with news on when additional public data becomes available and when corrections are made to existing public data. The information gathered will not be used for any purposes other than to send notices about GFDL Data Portal Services.

Data Storage

The data files on the data portal are stored in netCDF (network Common Data Form), and can be identified by the suffix ".nc". The files are intended to be compliant with the COARDS conventions for the standardization of netCDF files. More information about netCDF, a machine independent format for representing array-oriented scientific data, can be found at the Unidata Program Center netCDF website.


This site implements the following:

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Questions concerning the availability of GFDL Data Portal data files and their content may be directed to:
Other questions related to GFDL Data Portal functionality, development, system administration, etc., may be directed to:

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