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Operating Manual for Qualification Standards for General Schedule Positions

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Policies and Instructions

Medical Requirements

This section provides a summary of the occupational series that have medical requirements. Title 5 CFR 339, "Medical Qualification Determinations," contains the U.S. Office of Personnel Management's basic guidance on the establishment of medical standards and physical requirements for Federal civilian positions.

Applicants and employees cannot be disqualified arbitrarily on the basis of medical standards, physical requirements, fitness tests, or other criteria that do not relate specifically to job performance. In addition, agencies are required to provide reasonable accommodation to persons with disabilities who demonstrate that they can perform the work of the position to be filled.

In accordance with 5 CFR 339, agencies have the authority to establish medical standards for positions for which they are the predominant employer, i.e., have 50 percent or more of the employees in the occupational series. In establishing such standards, they must comply with the provisions in 5 CFR 339 pertaining to job-relatedness, reasonable accommodation, etc.

Generally, when medical requirements have been established by OPM, those requirements are included in the individual qualification standard or individual occupational requirements.

The following occupations have medical and/or physical requirements

GS-006 Correctional Institution Administration Series

GS-007 Correctional Officer Series

GS-081 Fire Protection and Prevention Series

GS-082 United States Marshal Series

GS-083 Police Series

GS-084 Nuclear Materials Courier Series

GS-085 Security Guard Series

GS-101 Correctional Treatment Specialist (Dept. of Justice)

GS-462 Forestry Technician Series --Smokejumper positions

GS-485 Wildlife Refuge Management Series --positions with pilot duties

GS-660 Pharmacist Series

GS-664 Restoration Technician Series

GS-680 Dental Officer Series

GS-1801 Canine Enforcement Officer (Dept. of the Treasury)

GS-1801 Surface Mining Reclamation Specialist (Dept. of the Interior)

GS-1811 Criminal Investigating Series

GS-1811 Treasury Enforcement Agent (Dept. of the Treasury)

GS-1815 Air Safety Investigating Series

GS-1822 Mine Safety and Health Series

GS-1825 Aviation Safety Series

GS-1850 Agricultural Commodity Warehouse Examining Series

GS-1863 Food Inspection Series

GS-1884 Customs Patrol Officer Series

GS-1890 Customs Inspection Series

GS-1896 Border Patrol Agent Series

GS-2152 Air Traffic Control Series

GS-2181 Aircraft Operation Series

In addition, some medical requirements apply to positions that have unique duties, require motor vehicle operation, or involve work performed in a particular environment. Information about such requirements is provided to applicants by the employing agency.