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J.O.E.L. (O.F.E.S. young people in struggle) O.F.E.S (stands for family confronting AIDS in spanish).

Giorgiani E, Lascares GD, Gonzalez EG; International Conference on AIDS.

Int Conf AIDS. 2000 Jul 9-14; 13: abstract no. WePeD4547.

E.Giorgiani, San Lorenzo 4244, Rosario 2000, Argentina, Tel.: +54 341 43 73 633, Fax: +54 34 14 37 36 33, E-mail:

Issue: having detected the needs of teenagers of our community, O.F.E.S. proposed the formation of a teenagers' group. This group has built, through a continuous interchanging process, proposals, original action, material and collective symbolic resources expressed through social participation projects. Health is conceived as more than a mere illness absence, and the proposal is to work the concepts of protection (to themselves and other teenagers) in themes like addictions and Aids. Aimed to obtain a social change through integration, responsible participation, aptitude development, cooperation and solidarity, the teenagers group (J.O.E.L.) is the best way to approach to the youth using the same codes and sharing ideals and experiences. "Nothing's better than a young to approach another'. Description: Teenagers from a school were invited to take part of the project. 38 teenagers of both sexes (aged 13-18) took part in theater studios, sports groups (soccer, aerobics) and craftsmanship work, finding a space where perception, through and body action is commited; causing different and complex capacities where the creative imagination and the gain of symbolic resaurces are mainly important. Conclusions: Through the theater studio, a learning and communication process is carried out, as well as a formation-information process in Aids, addictions and sexual education. In the sport activities an important integration within the group and with their social and familiar environment was achieved. Through craftsmanship work, a manual activity was developed and it focused to share information fostering popular and socio-cultural initiatives.

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