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COSIG States Overview/List of States

Co-Ocurring State Incentive Grants (COSIG) for Treatment of Persons with Co-Occurring Substance-Related and Mental Disorders

There is a growing consensus among key stakeholders about the critical importance of improving services to people with co-occurring disorders and the action steps that are needed to do so. SAMHSA released a landmark Report to Congress on Co-Occurring Disorders (RTC) on December 2, 2002, creating a critical opportunity for SAMHSA to provide leadership to support State efforts to improve services for people with co-occurring disorders.

The COSIG mechanism provides funding to the States to develop or enhance their infrastructure to increase their capacity to provide accessible, effective, comprehensive, coordinated/integrated, and evidence-based treatment services to persons with co-occurring substance abuse and mental disorders. COSIG also provides an opportunity to evaluate the feasibility, validity, and reliability of the proposed co-occurring performance measures for the future Performance Partnership Grants.

COSIG is built on the following concepts and principles:

  • COSIG uses the definition of co-occurring disorders developed by the consensus panel convened to draft SAMHSA's Treatment Improvement Protocol, Substance Abuse Treatment for Persons with Co-Occurring Disorders: People with co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders are "…individuals who have at least one psychiatric disorder as well as an alcohol or drug disorder. While these disorders may interact differently in any person (e.g., an episode of depression may trigger a relapse into alcohol abuse, or cocaine use may exacerbate schizophrenic symptoms) at least one disorder of each type can be diagnosed independently of the other."
  • COSIG will support infrastructure development and services across the continuum of co-occurring disorders from least severe to most severe (i.e., Quadrants I, II, III, and IV of the State Directors' Conceptual Framework). Under COSIG, SAMHSA's emphasis is on Quadrants II and III.
  • COSIG is appropriate for States at any level of infrastructure development. States will not be at a disadvantage either for being at an early stage of development or at a more advanced stage.
  • Some States and communities throughout the country already have initiated system-level changed and developed innovative programs that overcome barriers to providing services for individuals of all ages who have co-occurring substance abuse and mental disorders. The COSIG Grant Program reflects the experience of State, to date.

Awarded 2003 - Seven (7) COSIG States:


Awarded 2004 - Four (4) COSIG States:

New Mexico

Awarded 2005 - Four (4) COSIG States:

District of Columbia

Awarded 2006 - Two (2) COSIG States:

South Carolina

Awarded 2007 - Two (2) COSIG States:

South Dakota

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