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State Agency and Other Governmental Jurisdiction Links

Most States have one agency that operates as the State authority for substance abuse and one that operates as the State authority for mental health, while a handful of States have a single agency with authority over both domains. Many of these agencies have developed significant initiatives regarding COD, and many of the Web sites of these agencies have relevant downloadable materials. Select materials are highlighted below, and this page will be routinely updated to highlight other State initiatives that may be of interest.

Arizona has undergone major initiatives in regard to COD, and the Web site provides a documented history of those efforts. Of particular interest to some may be the comprehensive intake/assessment instrument at: and the associated training and other materials.

Florida has documented its own COD policy development process in a 54-page report available on its child, substance abuse, and mental health Web site, and the publications page of the Web site also has a host of other documents relevant for COD:

Missouri's Web site has several features of particular relevance for consumers and for training:

Ohio has The Ohio Substance Abuse and Mental Illness Coordinating Center of Excellence (SAMI CCOE) web site The Ohio SAMI CCOE helps mental health agencies and substance abuse agencies throughout the State of Ohio develop and enhance services to persons with co-occurring mental and substance use disorders by supporting the implementation of two evidence-based practices (EBPs).

Pennsylvania created a COD Web site as part of its Co-Occurring State Incentive Grant (COSIG) that provides co-occurring resources, training information, useful links, and information on COSIG activities:


This page was last updated on 8/14/2007