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COCE’s COD Bibliography

During the last decade, co-occurring disorders (COD) have received considerable attention from the substance abuse and mental health clinical and treatment research communities. This progress is documented in a large and growing scientific and professional literature.  COCE assembled and organized this literature in order to make it more readily available to practitioners, administrators, policy makers, consumers/survivors and their families, and others in service delivery systems that have contact with persons with COD.  The resulting bibliography is now searchable through the COCE Web site and contains approximately 3,933 COD-related citations from 2002- 2007.   For more information on the methods for collecting and organizing the citations, see: Bibliography Methodology.

Search Tips

When searching the COCE Bibliography database, use single words or phrases as appropriate for your search criteria.  Do not use special characters such as "*" or "%" because the search engine is designed to performed searches on partial words as well as complete phrases without the need to use special characters.  You don’t need to put double quotes around words or phrases because it is not necessary and the search engine will not return any results.

Search using partial words

You can search for references using partial words.  For example, a search using the term "epi" could match "epidemiology" or "epidemiological".  Search results will include all words that begin with the letters you entered, regardless of the case-sensitivity or where the words are found in the bibliography entry.

Using partial words to search also produces results that include words that have the search term embedded anywhere within the word.  For example, a search using the term "logical" could match "epidemiological" or "psychological."

Search using whole words

To search for references using whole words, enter the word followed by a space. For example, to retrieve references that contain the complete word "homeless," enter the term "homeless " followed by a space.

When you search for the whole word followed by a space, any other words that start with the text "homeless," such as "homelessness," are not included in the search results.

Search using phrases

To search for a phrase within the bibliographical entry, enter the complete term without putting double quotes around the phrase.  The search engine will not give you any results back when you use double quotes.


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