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Case Profiles

Case profiles of sample COCE TA consultations are now available to demonstrate:

  • The types of TA that were available through COCE
  • Possible outcomes from COCE TA

Foothill AIDS Project, Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties, California TA Overview – COCE was asked to assist in the development and coordination of FAP and the external community's capacity to better serve HIV-positive clients with co-occurring disorders through provider education and system change strategies.

Human Potential Development, Reno, Nevada – COCE assisted with the development of a State Symposium on Co-Occurring Disorders that resulted in a post-Symposium report with recommendations for State consideration, including the development of a Co-Occurring Disorders Steering Committee. As a result, the State passed Senate Bill No. 2 to authorize a Governor-appointed Committee to further the study and review of issues relating to persons with co-occurring disorders, develop recommendations for improving the treatment to such persons, and to submit a biennial report and recommendations for necessary legislation.

This page was last updated on 3/20/2008