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COD Research and Resources Monthly Review

COCE developed a monthly review of research and resources on co-occurring disorders. Each month, COCE reviewed citations identified in the previous month for its COD bibliographic database. This database was actively updated through routine searches of existing publication databases, COD newsletters, SAMHSA press releases, and other literature reviews. Visitors to the COCE Web site who are interested in searching the COCE Bibliographic Database directly may go to Bibliography search page. As an alternative, however, the COD Research and Resources Monthly Reviews provide up-to-date summaries of relevant citations on a monthly basis. The Reviews also feature a more in-depth review of one or more of the citations contained in the bibliography. Each of the monthly Reviews are provided below, with the feature article topic highlighted.

September 2008 "Alcohol/Marijuana Dependence and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder" (pdf / 142kbytes)
August 2008 "Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment Resources" (pdf / 142kbytes)
July 2008 "New Research Relating to Gambling and Drinking" (pdf / 122kbytes)
June 2008 "Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Violence, and Substance Use" (pdf / 95kbytes)
May 2008 "More Evidence-Based Co-Occurring Disorders (COD) Programs" (pdf / 164kbytes)
April 2008 "Screening and Assessment for Co-Occurring Disorders (COD)" (pdf / 107kbytes)
March 2008 "Co-occurring Disorders (COD) Related to Risk of Pregnancy Loss" (pdf / 145kbytes)
February 2008 "Substance Abuse Worsens Outcomes for Those at Risk for Psychosis" (pdf / 164kbytes)
January 2008 "Documenting Disability for People with Co-Occurring Disorders (COD)" (pdf / 103kbytes)
December 2007 "SAMHSA Response to Epidemiological Data" (pdf / 128kbytes)
November 2007 "Institute of Medicine’s PTSD Report Available Online"(pdf / 107kbytes)
October 2007 "Non-Medical Use of Tranquilizers and Sedatives in the US" (pdf / 95kbytes)
September 2007 "New Articles Explore Cannabis Use and Psychotic Disorders" (pdf / 90kbytes)
August 2007 "New Report from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions (NESARC)" (pdf / 108kbytes)
July 2007 "Psychiatric Services Highlights Co-Occurring Disorders (COD)" (pdf / 105kbytes)
June 2007: "Recent Research on Co-Occurring Conditions Among Native Americans" (pdf / 114kbytes)
May 2007: "Integrated Treatment System for the Homeless" (pdf / 100kbytes)
April 2007: "New Reports on Workforce Development Available" (pdf / 120kbytes)
March 2007: "SAMHSA Launches Revised NREPP Database" (pdf / 97kbytes)
February 2007: "Homelessness, Co-Occurring Disorders and HIV-Risk" (pdf / 113kbytes)
January 2007: "New Data on Suicidality Among Black Americans"(pdf / 90kbytes)
December 2006: "Antidepressant-Induced Mania (ADM) Among People with COD" (pdf / 102kbytes)
November 2006: "Connecticut Issues Guidelines on Recovery-Oriented Care" (pdf / 95kbytes)
October 2006: "Medicaid Changes will Affect People with COD" (pdf / 108kbytes)
September 2006: "September 2005 Special Issue of "Addiction" (pdf / 90kbytes)
August 2006: "Introducing the Monthly Review" (pdf / 109kbytes)



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