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Are you ready to make international sales? Export Basics helps you assess your export readiness, understand what you need to know and consider before pursuing an international sales strategy, and, when you are ready, develop and implement your export strategy.

The subsequent sections of Export Basics (see navigation to the right) — starting with Develop Your Export Plan — will help you develop and implement your export plan. Each section corresponds to the key components of an effective export plan — posing questions you should answer to complete your plan and providing resources to help you answer those questions.

Export University 101

Export University 101 is a webinar that presents basic information on exporting, including:

organizational and product readiness,

market research,

guidance for developing your strategy and marketing plan,

promoting your products in target market, and

complying with US and foreign regulations.

It presents useful methods and strategies to help you export your products successfully abroad.

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Read the ITA Blog on How the Commercial Service Helps Exporters

The U.S. Commercial Service is pleased to offer you 4 ways to learn exporting, including some of the same Online Basic Exporting Course that our trade specialists and commercial officers receive at a special discount provided by Texas Tech University.

Take our Are you Export Ready? online readiness assessment to find out if you’re ready to pursue international sales.

Need an introduction to exporting? Browse our step-by-step Basic Guide to Exporting.

Watch our Are You Ready? and Going Beyond Borders videos to hear a U.S. Commercial Officer talk about issues you should consider before going global and to hear from companies that have worked with the U.S. Commercial Service to make international sales.

Think export success is out of your reach? Read success stories about how companies like yours are succeeding in the international marketplace.

Stuck? Speak with a trade specialist at 1-800-USA-TRADE.

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