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Welcome to the JPL Acquisition Division Contractor/Supplier website. Contractor/Supplier satisfaction is important to us. Our goal is to provide information to prospective vendors to facilitate doing business with JPL.  

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Providing acquisition solutions that meet or exceed the materials and services needs of our customersEngineers for NASA's Mars
Exploration Rover Mission are
completing assembly and testing
for the twin robotic geologists at
Annual High-Tech Small Business Development Procurement Conference Information



9th Briefing for Industry
Held on May 13, 2008, this one-day conference brought JPL and Industry personnel together to discuss future technology directions and business opportunities. Below you will find detailed information presented at the briefing:.
1 Tattini
2 Sherwood
3a Jonas
3b Lichten
3c Scharf
3d SGunapala
3e Alina
5 Cox
6a Clark
6b Stetson
6c Werner
6d Graf
6e Weber

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