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Physical and Biophysical Modeling
Gulf of Alaska and Bering sea numerical simulation
exploring physical and biological dynamics.


EcoFOCI Modelers:
  • Albert Hermann,NOAA/PMEL, JISAO
  • Sarah Hinkley, NOAA/AFSC/RACE
  • Dylan Righi, NOAA/PMEL,JISAO
  • Wei Cheng, NOAA/PMEL, JISAO
  • Elizabeth Dobbins, formerly UW/JISAO

  • ROMS-based Bering Sea Ice Hindcast Model with animations 1960-69

    Seasonal evolution of nutrients in the Coastal Gulf of Alaska, US GLOBEC Site - Hermann, et al

    Gulf of Alaska Nested Biophysical Models (GLOBEC) - Dobbins

    Walleye Pollock (Hermann, Spillane)

    Bering Sea

    Model Output:  Biophysical model output, PMEL Live Access Server (LAS)


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