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Performance Management

Performance Management Clearinghouse

The Performance Management Clearinghouse provides information about performance management practices in Federal agencies. It helps members of the Federal community share information about performance management practices that have worked well for them. The Clearinghouse currently has information gathered in our day-to-day contacts with our customers. With your help, we plan to build it into the most comprehensive tool available about Federal employee performance management.

The Clearinghouse is a dynamic database. Its growth and success will depend on reader participation. We want to hear about performance management practices that have been successful in your organization. You may submit a description of a successful practice to the Clearinghouse by completing the Performance Management Clearinghouse Submission Form. You must be a Federal employee to submit a form. You must include on the form the name of a contact who can provide further information about the practice to anyone who might inquire. Once we receive your submission, we will review it and notify your agency's performance management program manager for clearance. We will then post the information in the Clearinghouse database.

Browser Alert: The Clearinghouse is viewed best with newer versions of Internet Browsers. Many older versions are not able to handle the interactive database format and will not display requested information.

To review the information in the Clearinghouse, you may: