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Welcome to the Personnel Assessment and Selection Resource Center. The purpose of this website is to provide you with the basic information you will need to develop assessment strategies suited to your agency's hiring needs.

The Assessment Decision Guide covers the essential concepts behind personnel assessment in easy-to-understand terms so that managers and human resource professionals can:

  • Learn about the benefits and limitations of various assessment methods and strategies
  • Evaluate and implement assessment tools that help improve the match between jobs and employees
  • Become familiar with the professional and legal guidelines to follow when developing and conducting an assessment process

The guide also offers an extensive list of resource materials for those interested in more information on a particular topic and a glossary for quick clarification of assessment terms and concepts.

Also located on this website is the Assessment Decision Tool. This interactive tool is designed to help human resources professionals and hiring supervisors/managers customize their assessment strategies based on specific competencies and other factors relevant to their hiring situations (e.g., volume of applicants, level of available resources).

Additional materials will be added to this website in the future, so bookmark this site and check back often.



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