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HHS Exhibit 300s - OCIO

Listed below are links to the Fiscal Year 2010 HHS Exhibit 300: Capital Asset Plan and Business Case Summaries required by OMB Circular A-11 for major IT investments.
HHS Exhibit 300s from Fiscal Year 2009

HHS Operating Division

Major Information Technology Investments

Point of Contact

Administration for Children and Families

Expanded Federal Parent Locator Service (OCSE)

David Jenkins / Grants Administration Tracking Evaluation System (GATES) - Grants Center for Excellence

David Jenkins


Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Medical Expenditures Panel Survey (MEPS)

Patricia Bosco


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CCID Vaccine Tracking System (VTrckS)

Doug Correll

 Health Impact Planning (HI.Net/IRIS)Teresa Kinley


Integrated Contracts Expert (ICE)

Evan Willis


National Select Agent Registry (NSAR) (formerly SATERIS)

Indira Srinivasan


PHIN: BioSense

John Lindsey


PHIN: National Electronic Disease Surveillance System (NEDSS)

Scott Danos


Public Health Information Network (PHIN)

Kathy Kirkland


Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Beneficiary Enrollment and Plan Payment for Part C & D

Janet Tierney


Beneficiary e-Services

Janet Tierney


Common Working File (CWF)

Janet Tierney


Data Management Operations - Beneficiary

Janet Tierney


Data Management Operations - Claims

Janet Tierney


Drug Claims (DDPS)

Janet Tierney

 Durable Medical Equipment (DME)Janet Tierney


Health Care Quality Improvement (Formerly QIES)

Janet Tierney

 Healthcare Integrated General Ledger Accounting System (HIGLAS)Janet Tierney
 ICD-10 InitiativeJanet Tierney


Integrated Data Repository (IDR)

Janet Tierney


Interoperability & Standardization - Claims

Janet Tierney


Interoperability & Standardization - Provider ID (NPPES)

Janet Tierney

 Interoperability & Standardization - Provider Enrollment (PECOS)Janet Tierney


Medicaid Data Systems

Janet Tierney


Medicare Appeals System (MAS)

Janet Tierney

 Medicare Program Integrity (MIP)Janet Tierney


Medicare Program Integrity Modernization - One PI System

Janet Tierney


Modernized IT Infrastructure (EDCs)

Janet Tierney


Part A Claims Processing

Janet Tierney


Part B Claims Processing

Janet Tierney


Plan Enrollment (HPMS)

Janet Tierney



Janet Tierney


Retiree Drug Subsidy

Janet Tierney


Food and Drug Administration

Automated Drug Information Management SystemLisa Alsop


Automated Laboratory ManagementLisa Alsop
 Information and Computer Technologies for the 21st CenturyLisa Alsop
 MedWatch PlusLisa Alsop


Mission Accomplishments and Regulatory Compliance Services (MARCS)Lisa Alsop


Regulatory Business Information ServicesLisa Alsop


User Fee and Financial Reporting SystemLisa Alsop

Expanding E-Gov Managing Partners

Federal Health Architecture

Vish Sankaran - Find and ApplyPhilip Clark


HHS Consolidated Acquisition Solution

David Snight


HHS Consolidated IT InfrastructureKathryn Pirnia


HHS Enterprise E-mail System (HHSMail)Tim Mitchell


HHS HR LOB ITJoe Cocco / Sandra Manning


HHS Unified Financial Management SystemSheila Conley

Health Resources and Services Administration

National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB)/Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank (HIPDB)

Nora Carswell

 OIT Electronic HandbooksNora Carswell

Indian Health Services

National Patient Information Reporting System (NPIRS) - - Maintenance & Enhancements

Carl Gervais


Resource and Patient Management System (RPMS) - Maintenance & Enhancements

Carl Gervais


National Institutes of Health

Business Intelligence System (NBIS)

Cindy Cenname


Central Accounting System (CAS)

Cindy Cenname


Clinical Research Information System (CRIS)

Cindy Cenname


NCI Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program (CTEP)

Cindy Cenname

 OD Electronic Research Administration (eRA)

Cindy Cenname


OD NIH Business System (NBS)

Cindy Cenname


Office of the Secretary

ASAM Accounting for Pay System (AFPS)

Ruth Doerflein


ASAM Debt Management and Collection System (DMCS)

Ruth Doerflein


ASAM Enterprise Human Resource System (EHRP)

Ruth Doerflein


ASAM Payment Management System (PMS)

Ruth Doerflein


OPHS Commissioned Corps Force Management Solution

Ruth Doerflein


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration

OAS National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH)

Bill Reed