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Why Medical Examiners/Coroners (ME/Cs) Join DAWN

We integrate DAWN data with other information to develop plans and policies for prevention and treatment of substance abuse.

—New York epidemiologist


Participation in DAWN gives ME/Cs another opportunity to serve their communities and the public health by measuring the most severe consequences of drug use, misuse, and abuse. ME/Cs who become DAWN members

  • Have ready access to their own de-identified data in "real-time" through DAWN LIVE!.

  • Receive annual payments for participation.

DAWN staff work with ME/C offices to simplify the logistics for DAWN.

ME/Cs are invited to join DAWN based on their location in selected metropolitan areas and States across the country. DAWN invites jurisdictions

  • In the same metropolitan areas as DAWN hospitals. With ME/C jurisdictions and hospital emergency departments covering the same metropolitan areas, DAWN can measure drug-related morbidity and mortality for the same population base.

  • In States with centralized medical examiner systems.

For the first time, DAWN can measure drug use, misuse, and abuse outside of major metropolitan areas.

Questions on Why ME/Cs Join DAWN

What's new about the New DAWN?

What are the benefits of joining DAWN?

Is participation in DAWN mandatory?

How was our ME/C jurisdiction chosen to be in DAWN?

My jurisdiction has very few drug-related cases. How can that be useful to DAWN?

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