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Why Hospitals Join DAWN

We joined DAWN because it offered important benefits for our hospital. One benefit is DAWN’s support for reporting. Another is DAWN LIVE! to help with quality assurance. And, we can use DAWN information to work with our community.

—Long Island hospital administrator


Participation in DAWN helps hospitals serve their communities and their patients by measuring the impact of drug use, misuse, and abuse in Emergency Departments (EDs). Member hospitals:

  • Have ready access to their own de-identified data in “real-time” through DAWN LIVE!.

  • Receive annual payments for participation.

DAWN staff work with hospitals to simplify the logistics for DAWN.

Hospitals are selected by scientific sampling. Hospitals eligible for the sample are short-term, general, non-Federal facilities, with 24-hour emergency departments. The sample is selected based on these hospital characteristics:

  • Location (in selected metropolitan areas vs. elsewhere)

  • Ownership (public vs. private)

  • Size (small, medium, or large).

The DAWN sample includes hundreds of hospitals. A large sample is necessary to get an accurate picture of drug-related ED visits.

Only hospitals in the sample are invited to join DAWN. The role of each hospital is to represent itself and similar hospitals in its metropolitan area or the Nation. Thus, participation by every hospital in the sample is important, to ensure that all types of hospitals are well represented.

Questions on Why Hospitals Join

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