Federal Acquisition Regulation
line underlining the word Federal Acquisition Regulation

Authority of the FAR

The FAR was established to codify uniform policies for acquisition of supplies and services by executive agencies. It is issued and maintained jointly, pursuant to the OFPP Reauthorization Act, under the statutory authorities granted to the Secretary of Defense, Administrator of General Services and the Administrator, National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Statutory authorities to issue and revise the FAR have been delegated to the Procurement Executives in DOD, GSA and NASA.

GSA FAR Secretariat Publishes the FAR on behalf of all three FAR issuing agencies. The GSA Federal Acquisition Policy Division maintains the FAR Secretariat to act as the publication and administrative support arm of the FAR. This web page is produced by the FAR Secretariat using material that has been published in the FAR looseleaf edition. The official FAR appears in the Code of Federal Regulations at 48 CFR Chapter 1.

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