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    [PDF] 52nd Annual Wildlife Disease Conference Proceedings Show Full Record 1286 Bookmark and Share
    Source: 52nd Anuual Wildlife Disease Program. Wildlife Disease Association Conference, Aug 11-14, 2003, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
    Resource Type(s): Proceedings
    Searchable Keywords: Avian botulism Avian influenza Avian salmonella Bovine brucellosis Chronic wasting disease Rabies Tuberculosis West Nile virus Wildlife diseases 
    Abstract:   Contains agenda and abstracts from the Wildlife Disease Association annual conference. The general sessions topics included Disease and Population, Conservation Biology and Disease, and Large Ungulates.
    A Walk on the Wild Side--Emerging Wildlife Diseases [Editorial] Show Full Record 853 Bookmark and Share
    Source: BMJ. 2005 Nov 26;331(7527):1214-5.
    Resource Type(s): Journal (Articles), News
    Searchable Keywords: Disease reservoirs Disease transmission Emerging infectious diseases Human health Wildlife Zoonoses 
    Abstract:   From article (free full-text available): Emerging infectious diseases have been creeping up the research agenda since at least 1992, when the US Institute of Medicine defined them as infectious diseases that have recently increased in incidence or geographical range, recently been discovered, or are caused by newly evolved pathogens. Diseases that have recently moved into new species can be added to this defining list. More recently, the emergence of diseases with high case fatality rates?such a...
    [PDF] Animal Movements And Disease Risk: A Workbook Show Full Record 1176 Bookmark and Share
    Source: IUCN/SSC Captive Breeding Specialist Group
    Resource Type(s): Manuals, Standards and Guidelines
    Searchable Keywords: Risk assessment Transportation (animal) Wildlife diseases 
    Abstract:   From introduction (free full-text avialable): A workbook, providing six tools to assist in this decision-making process, has been developed through the effort of a significant number of supporters and people active in conservation activities throughout the world. Table of contents include: Disease List and Project Diagram -- Hazard Identification -- Decision Analysis Protocols -- System Modeling- Stella and Vensi -- Health Assessment Worksheet for Animal Movements -- Test Considerations Appendix...
    Animal Movements and the Spread of Infectious Diseases [Review] Show Full Record 1483 Bookmark and Share
    Source: Trends in Microbiology. 2006 Mar;14(3):125-31. Epub 2006 Feb 7.
    Resource Type(s): Journal (Articles)
    Searchable Keywords: Epidemiology Infectious diseases Methods Outbreaks Veterinary medicine Zoonoses 
    Abstract:   Abstract (online abstract only): Domestic and wild animal population movements are important in the spread of disease. There are many recent examples of disease spread that have occurred as a result of intentional movements of livestock or wildlife. Understanding the volume of these movements and the risks associated with them is fundamental in elucidating the epidemiology of these diseases, some of which might entail zoonotic risks. The importance of the worldwide animal trade is reviewed and t...
    Animals as Sentinels of Bioterrorism Agents Show Full Record 1125 Bookmark and Share
    Source: Emerging Infectious Diseases. 2006 Apr; 12(4): 647- 652
    Resource Type(s): Journal (Articles)
    Searchable Keywords: Bioterrorism Domestic animal health Public health Sentinel surveillance Surveillance (monitoring) Wildlife diseases 
    Abstract:   From abstract (free full-text online): We conducted a systematic review of the scientific literature from 1966 to 2005 to determine whether animals could provide early warning of a bioterrorism attack, serve as markers for ongoing exposure risk, and amplify or propagate a bioterrorism outbreak. We found evidence that, for certain bioterrorism agents, pets, wildlife, or livestock could provide early warning and that for other agents, humans would likely manifest symptoms before illness could be d...
    Annual Wildlife Disease Reports in the UK Show Full Record 1092 Bookmark and Share
    Source: Veterinary Laboratories Agency
    Resource Type(s): Management Plans and Reports, Table or Spreadsheet
    Searchable Keywords: Morbidity Mortality Wildlife Wildlife diseases 
    Abstract:   Provides access to annual reports on wildlife diseases in the UK. Reports contain tables listing specific diseases, species affected, location and more.
    Australian Wildlife Health Network - Disease Incident Reports Show Full Record 4158 Bookmark and Share
    Source: Australian Wildlife Health Network
    Resource Type(s): Management Plans and Reports, News
    Searchable Keywords: Australia Wildlife diseases 
    Abstract:   As part of the Australian Wildlife Health Network web site, this section offers brief, summary information on selected disease events occurring around Australia.
    [PDF] Avian Influenza: Protecting Poultry Workers at Risk Show Full Record 1600 Bookmark and Share
    Source: U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration
    Resource Type(s): Newsletters/Bulletins
    Searchable Keywords: Avian influenza Biosafety Biosecurity Personal protective equipment Prevention & control Signs & symptoms 
    Abstract:   From introduction: Avian influenza is a viral disease that can cause sickness and death among poultry. On rare occasions, avian influenza virus can be transmitted to poultry workers or others who come in contact with infected poultry or contact contaminated surfaces. Examples of such workers who could be at risk include poultry growers and their employees; service technicians of poultry processing companies; caretakers, layer barn workers, and chick movers at egg production facilities; and work...
    [PDF] BCTF (Bushmeat Crisis Task Force) Fact Sheet: Global Human Health Show Full Record 858 Bookmark and Share
    Source: BCTF. 2003. BCTF Fact Sheet: Global Human Health. Bushmeat Crisis Task Force. Washington, DC. 2 pages.
    Resource Type(s): Issue Overviews
    Searchable Keywords: Bushmeat Human health Social aspects Zoonoses 
    Abstract:   From summary (free full-text available): Though bushmeat is often part of the diet of rural African communities, studies are beginning to indicate considerable negative health implications connected with the processing and consumption of wildlife. Reports confirm the vulnerability of nonhuman primates to the Ebola virus during outbreaks in a variety of African sites. Evidence of simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) infection has been reported for 26 different species of African nonhuman primates,...
    Biodiversity and Emerging Diseases Show Full Record 1803 Bookmark and Share
    Source: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. 2006 Oct;1081:1-16.
    Resource Type(s): Journal (Articles)
    Searchable Keywords: Animal breeding Biodiversity Emerging infectious diseases Immunogenetics Immunology Zoonoses 
    Abstract:   From abstract (online abstract only): First we remind general considerations concerning biodiversity on earth and particularly the loss of genetic biodiversity that seems irreversible whether its origin is directly or indirectly linked to human activities. Urgent and considerable efforts must be made from now on to cataloge, understand, preserve, and enhance the value of biodiversity while ensuring food safety and human and animal health. Ambitious integrated and multifield research programs mus...
    Displaying 1 - 10 of 55 Literature Resources
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