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A Quarterly Technical Assistance Bulletin on Disaster Behavorial Health

Managing Communications and Media Relations During a Disaster

Would you know how to handle communications and engage the media during a disaster in which scores of individuals, including children and families, are affected? There are many tactics that organizations can implement to best engage the media, and through them, the public at large.

Disasters typically strike unannounced, catching most people off guard. Even for occurrences that can be forecasted, the severity of such incidents can never be predicted with total accuracy. Natural disasters are naturally occurring events that can directly or indirectly cause severe threats to public health and well-being, while human-caused disasters are either intentional or accidental incidents that also pose serious risks to public health. Both natural and human-caused disasters can be effectively dealt with through proper planning, preparedness, and effective response.

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The Dialogue is an arena for professionals in the disaster behavioral health field to share information, resources, trends, solutions to problems, and accomplishments. Readers are invited to contribute profiles of successful programs, book reviews, highlights of state and regional trainings, and other news items.
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 Managing Communications and Media Relations During a Disaster
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