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Statistics on Depository Institutions
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What's New and Statistical Capability

The Predefined Standard Reports are a set of frequently used financial reports in standardized formats. These reports are a great place for a new user to start.

FDIC Statistics on Depository Institutions or SDI, is an advanced feature of the Institution Directory (ID) that allows you to obtain more detailed financial reports. It also provides you with the ability to create reports containing customized peer groups of FDIC-insured institutions and bank holding companies.

Notice If you are a first time user of SDI or would like to find out how to use some of the features of SDI, please read the SDI: Frequently Asked Questions or The SDI Tutorial presents the same information detailed in the SDI Frequently Asked Questions, but is delivered in an MS-PowerPoint slide show format. If you are using assisted technology such as a screen reader software, please select the link SDI: Frequently Asked Questions.follow the SDI: Tutorial link.

Important: This site makes extensive use of "frames based" web pages, JavaScript, user "sessions", "cookies", "pop-ups", and "referrer" information.See Viewing Tips.

Help on how to use the system is available to you throughout the application by selecting SDI Help from the menu.

Viewing Tips
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