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mental health AIDS is a quarterly biopsychosocial research update on HIV and mental health organized by topic area. Each issue also includes a "tool box" feature article, plus the newest resources (books, articles, Web sites) for clinical practice.

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Summer 2009 Newsletter

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Tool Box: "SAVA Latina: Addressing the Interplay of Substance Abuse, Violence, & AIDS Affecting Hispanic Women (Part 2)"

Part 1 of this series reviewed the literature linking substance abuse, violence, and AIDS (SAVA), including recent work delineating pathways that tie together violence and HIV risk. The focus then shifted to violence and its effects on immigrant Hispanic women (Latinas) living in the United States, cultural factors that contribute to the risk for both violence and HIV in this population, and screening questions (in Spanish) that have demonstrated utility in identifying women who have been abused.

This concluding segment summarizes the impact of violence on the health (including mental health) of women in general and Latinas in particular, unmet mental health needs in this population, and the evolving state of intervention research, including culturally specific interventions for clinicians working in the crosscurrents of these health and social problems.


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