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UPDATED: 24 Aug 2009 GMT
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Ambassador Roemer is charged with leading one of America’s largest diplomatic missions.

Meet Timothy J. Roemer, U.S. Ambassador to India

As the new crescent moon ushers in Ramadan, the President extends his best wishes to Muslim communities.

Ramadan Kareem greetings from President Obama

Researcher found the loss of water in northern India is due to human activity.

NASA Discovers Vanishing Groundwater in India

The two governments outlined a Strategic Dialogue that will focus on five principal pillars.

Latest Headlines From the Embassy
U.S. forestry expert Alberto Goetzl on his way to Dehradun to meet with experts in FRI, IGNFA, and Uttaranchal Forest Department, August 19, 2009

U.S. Forestry expert in India talks about climate change
U.S. forestry expert Alberto Goetzl visited India to speak about U.S. forestry practices, policies and the common challenges facing the U.S. and India. Watch the video.

Book Launch: The Difficulty of Being Good, by Gurcharan Das

Book Launch: "The Difficulty of Being Good — on the Subtle Art of Dharma"
Harvard educated famous columnist and author of international bestseller, India Unbound, in this book interrogates the epic Mahabharata, to answer the question, why be good?

Gary Weaver with students of the Shia P.G. College in Lucknow, August 11, 2009

American professor in India talks on multiculturalism
Dr. Gary Weaver speaks about the need to study the culture and values of a nation when trying to understand its politics, and foreign and economic policy. Weaver, who is on a speaking tour sponsored by the American Center, also examines the progress of multicultural America, arguing that diversity is strength. Watch the video.

Ambassador Timothy J. Roemer at his first press conference in New Delhi, August 12, 2009

Ambassador Timothy J. Roemer's first press conference in India
"As the U.S. Ambassador in India, I plan to vigorously support our broad strategic dialogue using all of our Embassy resources and all of our friends back in Washington to bring the best of America forward in our engagement with India."

American Fulbright-Nehru Students and Fulbright Exchange Teachers in India August 17, 2009.

American Fulbright Scholars Call on the Foreign Secretary
Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao welcomed the first group of American Fulbright-Nehru Students and six Fulbright Exchange Teachers to India August 17. Secretary Rao underscored the importance of educational engagement to strengthen people-to-people ties. This year, 161 American and Indian scholars received Fulbright-Nehru fellowships.