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28 Electronic Forms Used In NASA Procurements
You need the Informed Filler software and the NEF Distribution Center Profile to use the electronic forms on this list. Go to the download site and run the appropriate installer. RTF Format forms may be opened with MSWord.
Form Status
Form Title
Latest Edition
Electronic Release
Version Date
  ARC257 Contract Terms And Conditions AUG 00  1.1  09/11/2000
  ARC773 NEF Offer/Proposal Signature Page MAY 00  1.1  05/19/2000
  DD1861 Contract Facilities Capital Cost Of Money MAR 83  1.1  01/08/1997
  FAR5201 Offeror Representations and Certifications - SAP FEB 00  1.7  08/21/2000
  FAR5202 Offeror Representations And Certifications - Mid and Large FEB 00  1.0  05/17/2000
  NF533M Monthly Contractor Financial Management Report AUG 96  1.0  06/17/1997
  NF533Q Quarterly Contractor Financial Management Report AUG 96  1.0  05/13/1999
  NF1018 NASA Property in the Custody of Contractors SEP 03  1.8  11/17/2003
  NF1679 Disclosure of Invention and New Technology (Including Software) (Only available in MSWord at provided link) JUL 00  1.0  07/01/2000
  NF1680 Evaluation of Performance (Source Selection Information) JUL 00  3.7  11/08/2000
  OF307 Contract Award SEP 97  1.0  11/03/2000
  OF347 Order For Supplies Or Services - Includes OF348 APR 06  1.15  01/07/2007
  OF348 Order For Supplies Or Services - Schedule Continuation - Included as page 3 OF347 APR 06  1.15  01/07/2007
  SF18 Request for Quotation JUN 95  1.4  09/01/1999
  SF26 Award/Contract DEC 02  1.5  06/09/2005
  SF30 Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract OCT 83  1.12  11/02/2001
  SF33 Solicitation, Offer and Award SEP 97  1.7  06/15/2006
  SF294 Subcontracting Report For Individual Contracts SEP 01  1.3  12/27/2001
  SF295 Summary Subcontract Report OCT 01  1.2  12/02/2003
  SF298 Report Documentation Page AUG 98  1.3  02/14/2002
  SF1442 Solicitation, Offer and Award (Construction, Alteration or Repair) APR 85  1.4  04/07/2009
  SF1449 Solicitation/Contract/Order For Commercial Items MAR 05  1.18  05/25/2005
* Definitions
Latest Edition:The date of the last revision of the form by the form owner which appears on the bottom left of the form. This is the official date which should be referenced in ISO documentation.
Electronic Release Version:The version number of the last electronic release of the form. Often there are changes to the intelligence of the form which affect its ability to interact with other electronic systems, but do not change the appearance or functionality of the form. This is tracked by the electronic release version number.
Electronic Release Date:The date of the last electronic release of the form. This date has nothing to do with the date that appears on the bottom left of the form. That date is the Latest Edition.