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Foreign Service Officer

Step 2: Registration - Application Form

Receive Email Updates

Registration is the next step toward becoming a Foreign Service Officer. Click here to start the online registration process.

To register, you will complete an Application Form in which you convey factual background information including school and work history.

ACT, the test administrator, will send you a confirmation email on the first business day following submission of your registration.

Please be aware that all the information you give us is subject to verification, and that any exaggeration of your experience and qualifications, including your language ability, would weaken your candidacy. Misrepresentations may be grounds for terminating your candidacy, or for dismissing you after you have begun work, and may be punishable by fine or imprisonment.

Important Registration links and information

NOTE FOR THOSE TESTING DURING THE OCTOBER 3-10, 2009 TESTING WINDOW: An invitation to schedule your test seat will be issued by ACT, the contract test administrator, on a staggered schedule according to the career track you chose when you registered. You may not change your career track choice.

E-mail invitations to schedule a seat will be issued first to Management and Economic candidates beginning on August 24, then to Consular candidates beginning on August 26, and finally to Political and Public Diplomacy candidates beginning on August 31. After those dates, any candidate who registers before the deadline and receives an invitation to schedule a test seat may do so immediately.

Once you receive the scheduling invitation, you will be able to log in to your ACT account and review the available dates and times at all testing locations. We encourage you to schedule your seat promptly, as demand has increased greatly in recent months.

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