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Public Service Announcements

Hurricane Mental Health Awareness Campaign

Public Service Announcements (PSAs)
A PSA campaign designed to help adults, children, and first responders who have been impacted by the hurricanes and are in need of mental health services.

Mental Health Concerns
This Locator provides you with comprehensive information about mental health services and resources and is useful for professionals, consumers and their families, and the public.

Alcohol or Drug Problems
This Locator provides you with comprehensive information about drug and alcohol abuse treatment programs nearest you.

Hurricane and Other Relief Information
SAMHSA is focused on providing resources to aid in the recovery process. This section is designed to assist people in storm-damaged areas and the workers who are taking care of those who's lives have been devastated.

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SAMHSA’s Fundamentals of Disaster Planning and Response
Materials that promote awareness and response for natural disasters.

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It is important to remember to take care of yourself and to monitor your own emotions during difficult times.


After a Disaster: Self-Care Tips for Dealing With Stress [HTML]
After a Disaster: What Teens Can Do [HTML]


Reaction of Children to a Disaster [HTML]
Helping Children Cope with Fear and Anxiety [HTML]

First Responders

Disaster Counseling [HTML]
Psychological First Aid for First Responders [HTML]

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