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Public Service Announcements

Hurricane and Other Disaster Relief Information

As hundreds of victims of natural disasters struggle to begin recovery and rebuild their lives, the immediate priorities are access to water, food, shelter, medical care, and security. For those affected by storms, however, the mental health effects can be deep and linger for weeks and months to come. Almost everyone who lives through such an event experiences some feelings of sadness and depression. Depending on the individual, these feelings can vary in intensity and duration. This is true not only for the residents of the cities and towns devastated by natural disasters, but also for the thousands of rescue workers, emergency medical personnel, and disaster recovery experts engaged in search-and-rescue operations.

CMHS is focused on providing resources to aid in the recovery process. The links below are designed to assist people in storm-damaged areas and the workers who are taking care of those who have been devastated.

Hurricane Mental Health Awareness Campaign

Public Service Announcements
A PSA campaign designed to help adults, children, and first responders who have been impacted by the hurricanes and are in need of mental health services.

Resources for Responders and Relief Workers
Publications and other resources for first responders, disaster relief workers, and other crisis response professionals who are assisting individuals and communities affected by a disaster.

Federal Resources

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: Hurricanes

Hurricane Katrina Resources. [HTML]

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

  • Help After a Disaster: Applicant’s Guide to the Individuals & Households Program [PDF]
  • Disasters and Emergencies Library [HTML]
  • If you have been affected by a disaster you may be eligible for federal assistance. Internet Registration Requirements [HTML]

Department of Homeland Security

United States Government Response to the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina [HTML]

Department of Labor

Individuals anywhere in the country, including the impacted areas and at evacuation sites who are seeking unemployment assistance can call the U.S. Department of Labor toll-free at 1-866-4-USA-DOL (1-866-487-2365) for information on registering for unemployment insurance and disaster unemployment assistance. Individuals can also access America's Service Locator at to locate the nearest One Stop Career Center.

The U.S. Department of Labor has also established a Hurricane Recovery Assistance page at The site includes information about how to access unemployment insurance and disaster unemployment assistance, steps to keep workers safe during clean-up and recovery operations, and provides access to public service announcements and news releases, among other information.

Environmental Protection Agency: Hurricanes

Environmental and Health Issues [HTML]

Hurricane Katrina recovery resources [HTML]

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  • National Links
    List of national relief and charity organizations with contact information
  • State Links
    Disaster emergency and mental health contacts in affected Gulf Coast States and neighboring States

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