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Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) Program

Electronic Dissemination: The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) as amended directs each Federal Government Agency to provide an electronic access mechanism for disseminating records to the public. This page is designed to allow access to records which have been previously released under the provisions of Title 5, Section 552, Freedom of Information Act. These records will reflect deletion of portions of the information in accordance with the FOIA's nine enumerated exemption categories. A consolidated list of such records is available on DefenseLINK. DIA FOIA Regulation 12-39 (DIA Regulations governing FOIA process.)

Requests for Information: To obtain records from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the FOIA request may be submitted in writing (reasonably describing the records requested), or by email to All hardcopy requests for records maintained by DIA are to be sent to DIA's FOIA Requester Service Center at the following address: Defense Intelligence Agency, Building 6000, Washington, DC 20340-5100, ATTN: DIAC, DAN-1A (FOIA). To obtain the status of a request or ask a question about the FOIA process, you may call the FOIA Requester Service Center at (301) 394-5587, (DSN 428), or you can email your inquiry to

FOIA Public Liaison: The FOIA Public Liaison for DIA is Margaret (Peggy) A. Bestrain, (301) 394-5587. The mailing address for DIA's FOIA Public Liaison is: Defense Intelligence Agency, Building 6000, Washington, DC 20340-5100, ATTN: DIAC, DAN-1.

Accessibility: FOIA documents are the one exception to our policy for making all PDF documents accessible. The present listing of FOIA documents were converted from paper form into electronic media in the later 1990's without the benefit of newer PDF formats and do not lend themselves to nongraphical representation. However, future FOIA documents will not be formatted in this fashion and will be created with accessibility in mind. For further information, please visit our Accessibility section.

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New Records:

  • Released Documents Related to Detainee Abuse (PDF file size: 22 MB)

Listings of Available Records:

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