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My Future, My Way: How to Go, How to Pay

Are you thinking about college or technical or trade school? Start here to learn how to go and pay for your education beyond high school.

Sure, you can wait for your parents or teachers to provide this info, but why wait on others to learn what’s best for YOUR future? Discover your college and financial aid options today!

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WHEN should you consider college?

NOW is the time to explore your options for college and financial aid.

WHY think about college now?
Because the steps you take today
will determine which college you attend in the future.

WHAT can a college education do for me?
A college education =
more money, more job opportunities, and more freedom.

WHERE do I start?
Get ready for college by doing well in school,
learning your options, and getting involved.

WHO can help me go to college?
Your parents and other supportive adults can help, along with
the folks here at the U.S. Department of Education.

HOW will I pay for college?
Learn how to pay for your education by
checking out this Web site, becoming informed, and getting started!

Last updated/reviewed December 18, 2008

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