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08/13/2009 - Former procurement chief offers plan for expediting stimulus contracts NEW

08/11/2009 - Risk of Waste, Abuse and Fraud in Procurement Seen an Increasing Threat in a Down Economy NEW

08/10/2009 - US companies ignoring 'red flags' of fraudNEW

08/11/2009 - Contracting panel calls Defense oversight agencies' relationship 'dysfunctional'NEW

08/11/2009 - Iraq contractor KBR cited by oversight commissionNEW

08/06/2009 - More problems reported with Defense Contract Audit Agency NEW

08/04/2009 - PricewaterhouseCoopers Cautions Companies that the Risk of Waste, Abuse, and Fraud in Procurement are an Increasing Threat in a Down Economy NEW

08/04/2009 - AG hands indictments in EMT training scandalNEW

07/30/2009 - Two Individuals Charged With Attempting to Bribe U.S. Army Contracting OfficialNEW

07/29/2009 - OMB instructs agencies to save $40 billion annually by streamlining acquisitionsNEW

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