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For Federal Agencies and Employees

 HHS Mandatory Guidelines (Eff 11/1/04)Establishes the scientific and technical guidelines for Federal workplace drug testing programs and standards for certification of labs engaged in urine drug testing for Federal agencies, under authority of section 503 of Pub.L. 100-71, 5 U.S.C. 7301 note, and E.O. No. 12564
 Reasons for Drug Testing [pdf]Types of drug tests that are conducted on Federal employees (Updated: February 2005)
 Preventing Donors from Cheating [pdf]Information useful in managing employees who attempt to defeat drug tests (Written: March 2005)

For Laboratories

 Certified LabsList of labs currently certified to meet standards of Subpart C of the HHS Mandatory Guidelines (59 FR 29916, 29925). This list is published in the Federal Register during the first week of each month.
 SAMHSA Replaces NIDAChange from NIDA-certified Labs to SAMHSA-certified Labs
 National Laboratory Certification Program
(NLCP) [pdf]The DHHS establishes the NLCP to certify labs prior to testing specimens collected for Federal agency workplace drug testing programs (Updated: October 2007)
 NLCP Fee Schedule [pdf]NLCP Fee Schedule (July 10, 2007)
 NLCP Program DocumentsNLCP Program Documents #35 through #44
 Drug Cutoff Concentrations [pdf]HHS Mandatory Guidelines establishes cutoff concentrations used by certified labs in testing urine specimens (Updated: February 2005)
 Specimen Validity Testing [pdf]Tests conducted by labs to determine if a urine specimen is dilute or has been adulterated or substituted (Updated: February 2005)
 Analytical Testing Methods [pdf] HHS Mandatory Guidelines requires a lab to conduct two analytical tests before a urine specimen can be reported as being adulterated, substituted, or positive for a drug (Updated: February 2005)

For Specimen Collectors

 HHS Urine Specimen Collection Handbook
(Effective 11/1/04)Guidance to supplement the urine specimen collection requirements contained in the Mandatory Guidelines (Effective November 1, 2004)
 HHS Urine Specimen Collection Handbook
(Used before 11/1/04)HHS Urine Specimen Collection Handbook (Used before November 1, 2004)
 Federal CCF - 6/23/00 (65 FR 39155)Use of an OMB approved Federal CCF is required to ensure uniformity in urine specimen collections
 Federal CCF [pdf]Federal Custody and Control Form [pdf]
 Federal CCF – OMB Extension of Expiration Date to 9/30/2009 OMB has approved the use of the Federal CCF until 9/30/2009
 Guidance for using the Federal CCF
(6/23/2000) [pdf]Guidance for using the Federal CCF (June 23, 2000)
 Federal CCF Suppliers [pdf]This list is updated on a monthly basis, and it does not constitute an endorsement of any supplier (Updated: December 2007)
 Sources of Blind Samples [pdf]Supplier list of urine quality control samples to assist Federal agencies and DOT regulated employers who submit blind quality control samples to labs, along with donor specimens, under the HHS Mandatory Guidelines (Updated: August 2009)


For Medical Review Officers (MROs)

 HHS MRO Manual (Effective 11/1/04)Updated guidance on Medical Review Officer requirements from the HHS Mandatory Guidelines (Effective November 1, 2004) for Federal workplace drug testing programs (69 FR 19644).
 HHS MRO Manual (Used before 11/1/04)HHS MRO Manual (Used before November 1, 2004)
 MRO Training Organizations [pdf]MRO Training Organizations (Updated: February 2005)
 MRO Case Studies [pdf]MRO Case Studies (Updated: February 2005)

Drug Testing Advisory Board (DTAB)

 About the BoardAbout the Board
 Charter 2008DTAB Charter 2006
 Scheduled Meetings DTAB Scheduled Meetings
 Members (Current Fiscal Year)DTAB Members (Current Fiscal Year)
 Transcripts of Open MeetingsDTAB Transcripts of Open Meetings
 Minutes of MeetingsDTAB Minutes of Meetings

Notices, Documents, and Resources

 Fed Reg Notices (Proposed Policies)Federal Register Notices (Proposed Polices)
 Fed Reg Notices (Final Policies)Federal Register Notices (Final Policies)
 Public CommentsComments in response to three Federal Register Notices from August 21, 2001 and April 13, 2004
 Alternative SpecimensAlternative Specimens (Hair, Oral Fluids, and Sweat)
 ResourcesDrug Testing Resources
 ArchivesWarehouse for DTAB transcripts prior to 2003, and important Drug Testing documents and studies.
 FAQs [pdf]Answers to the most frequently asked workplace drug testing questions (Updated: March 2005)
 Laboratory ActionsFR notices and Letters documenting actions against laboratories