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Part III

Library of Congress


Copyright Office


List Identifying Copyrights Restored Under the Uruguay Round Agreements 
Act for Which Notices of Intent to Enforce Restored Copyrights Were 
Filed in the Copyright Office; Notice

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Copyright Office
[Docket No. 97-3E]

Copyright Restoration of Works In Accordance With the Uruguay 
Round Agreements Act; List Identifying Copyrights Restored Under the 
Uruguay Round Agreements Act for Which Notices of Intent to Enforce 
Restored Copyrights Were Filed in the Copyright Office

AGENCY: Copyright Office, Library of Congress.

ACTION: Publication of Ninth List of Notices of Intent to Enforce 
Copyrights Restored Under the Uruguay Round Agreements Act.


SUMMARY: The Copyright Office is publishing its ninth list of restored 
copyrights for which it has received and processed Notices of Intent to 
Enforce a copyright restored under the Uruguay Round Agreements Act. 
Publication of the lists creates a record for the public to identify 
copyright owners and works whose copyright has been restored for which 
Notices of Intent to Enforce have been filed with the Copyright Office.

EFFECTIVE DATE: August 14, 1998.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Marilyn J. Kretsinger, Assistant 
General Counsel, or Charlotte Douglass, Principal Legal Advisor to the 
General Counsel, Copyright GC/I&R, Post Office Box 70400, Southwest 
Station, Washington, D.C. 20024. Telephone: (202) 707-8380. Telefax: 
(202) 707-8366.


I. Background

    The Uruguay Round General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and the 
Uruguay Round Agreements Act (URAA) (Public Law 103-465; 108 Stat. 4809 
(1994)) provide for the restoration of copyright in certain works that 
were in the public domain in the United States. Under section 104A of 
title 17 <SUP>1</SUP> of the United States Code as provided by the 
URAA, copyright protection was restored on January 1, 1996, in certain 
works by foreign nationals or domiciliaries of World Trade Organization 
(WTO) or Berne countries that were not protected under the copyright 
law for the reasons listed below in (2). Specifically, for restoration 
of copyright, a work must be an original work of authorship that on the 
date of restoration:

    \1\ The URAA's amendment of 17 U.S.C. 104A replaced section 104A 
under the North American Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act 
(Public Law 103-182, 107 Stat. 2057, 2115 (1993)). The Uruguay Round 
Trade Agreements, Texts of Agreements, Implementing Bill, Statement 
of Administrative Action, and Required Supporting Statements, H.R. 
Doc. No. 316, 103d Cong., 2d Sess. 324 (1994). See 60 FR 50414 
(Sept. 29, 1995).

    (1) was not in the public domain in its source country through 
expiration of term of protection;
    (2) was in the public domain in the United States due to:
    (i) noncompliance with formalities imposed at any time by United 
States copyright law, including failure of renewal, publishing the work 
without a proper notice, or failure to comply with any manufacturing 
    (ii) lack of subject matter protection in the case of sound 
recordings fixed before February 15, 1972; or
    (iii) lack of national eligibility (e.g., the work is from a 
country with which the United States did not have copyright relations 
at the time of the work's publication); and
    (3) has at least one author (or in the case of sound recordings, 
rightholder) who was, at the time the work was created, a national or 
domiciliary of an eligible country. If the work was published, it must 
have been first published in an eligible country and not published in 
the United States within 30 days of first publication. See 17 U.S.C. 
    A work meeting these requirements is protected ``for the remainder 
of the term of copyright that the work would have otherwise been 
granted in the United States if the work never entered the public 
domain in the United States.'' 17 U.S.C. 104A(a)(1)(B).
    Under the URAA, copyright in restored works vests automatically on 
the date of restoration. 17 U.S.C. 104A(a)(1)(A). That date is January 
1, 1996, if the particular nation was already a member of the World 
Trade Organization (WTO) or the Berne Convention. Otherwise, the 
effective date of restoration is the date of a particular nation's 
adherence to the WTO or the Berne Convention or the date when the 
President issues a proclamation extending copyright restoration to that 
    Although the copyright owner may immediately enforce the restored 
copyright against individuals who infringe his or her rights on or 
after the effective date of restoration, the copyright owner's right to 
enforce the restored copyright is delayed against reliance parties. 
Typically, a reliance party is one who was already using the work 
before December 8, 1994, the date the URAA was enacted. See 17 U.S.C. 
104A(h)(4). Before a copyright owner can enforce a restored copyright 
against a reliance party, the copyright owner must file a Notice of 
Intent (NIE) with the Copyright Office or serve an NIE on such a party.
    An NIE may be filed in the Copyright Office within 24 months of the 
date of restoration of copyright. Alternatively, an owner may serve an 
NIE on an individual reliance party at any time during the term of 
copyright; however, such notices are effective only against the party 
served and those who have actual knowledge of the notice and its 
contents. NIEs appropriately filed with the Copyright Office and 
published herein serve as constructive notice to all reliance parties.

II. Administrative Processing

    Pursuant to the URAA, the Office is publishing its ninth four-month 
list identifying restored works for notices of intent to enforce a 
restored copyright filed with the Office. 17 U.S.C. 104A(e)(1)(B). The 
earlier lists were published between May 1, 1996, and April 17, 1998. 
61 FR 19372 (May 1, 1996), 61 FR 46134 (Aug. 30, 1996), 61 FR 68454 
(Dec. 27, 1996), 62 FR 20211 (April 25, 1997), 62 FR 44842 (Aug. 22, 
1997), 62 FR 66766 (Dec. 19, 1997), 63 FR 5142 (Jan. 30, 1998), and 63 
FR 19287 (April 17, 1998). To allow for processing this NIE 
information, the Office closed the record for publication three days 
before forwarding this record for publication. Accordingly, the NIEs 
listed herein are those entered into the public records of the Office 
between January 21, 1998 and August 5, 1998. Any NIEs timely received 
in the Copyright Office but not processed by August 5, 1998, would 
appear on a new four-month list, and be published on December 11, 1998.
    NIEs for works restored to copyright on January 1, 1996, must have 
been postmarked on or before December 31, 1997, to be accepted in the 
Copyright Office for publication in the Federal Register. See 17 U.S.C. 
104A(d)(2). NIEs that were received in the Office too late for Federal 
Register publication (i.e., beyond their source country's 24-month 
eligibility period) will be returned to the remitter unrecorded, and 
the fee will be refunded. On the other hand, owners of works that are 
still within their eligible filing period may continue to file such 
notices with the Copyright Office, receive constructive notice, and 
have their titles published by the Office in the Federal Register. 
Because the period for filing NIEs in the Office for most all countries 
<SUP>2</SUP> eligible to file has ended, the

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Office will publish a new four month list only in the event that it 
receives new or Correction NIEs from currently eligible remitters, or 
from nationals of source countries made newly eligible by reason of 
adherence to the Berne Convention, the World Trade Organization, or 
Presidential proclamation.

    \2\ NIEs for works whose source country is Angola may be filed 
in the Copyright Office no later than November 30, 1998; NIEs for 
works whose source country is Mongolia may be filed no later than 
January 28, 1999.

III. Correction of Previously Filed NIEs

    Correction NIEs for major errors (essentially, major errors in 
title and owner information) on any NIE filed must be submitted within 
the eligibility period. 37 CFR 201.34 (d)(6)(i). Minor errors may be 
corrected at any time without regard to eligibility for filing, 
pursuant to the interim regulation on Correction NIEs, published at 62 
FR 55736 (Oct. 28, 1997).

IV. On-line Availability of NIE Lists

    Using the information provided herein, one may search the Office's 
database to obtain additional information about a particular NIE. NIEs 
are located in what is known as the Copyright Office History Documents 
(COHD) file, which is available from computer terminals located in the 
Copyright Office itself or from terminals located in other parts of the 
Library of Congress through the Library of Congress Information System 
(LOCIS). Alternative ways to connect through Internet are (i) the World 
Wide Web (WWW), using the Copyright Office Home Page at: http://
www.loc.gov/copyright; or (ii) connect directly to LOCIS through the 
telnet address at locis.loc.gov. WWW is available 24 hours a day. LOCIS 
is available 24 hours a day Monday through Friday, U.S. Eastern Time; 
Saturday, until 5 p.m.; and Sunday after 11 a.m. <SUP>3</SUP>

    \3\ Not all files are available after 9:30 p.m. on weekdays. On 
Sundays, all files may not be available from 5 p.m.-8 p.m.

    Information available online includes: the title or brief 
description if untitled; an English translation of the title; the 
alternative titles if any; the name of the copyright owner or owner of 
one or more exclusive rights, the date of receipt of the NIE in the 
Copyright Office; the date of publication in the Federal Register; and 
the address, telephone and telefax number of the copyright owner. If 
given on the NIE, the online information will also include the author, 
the type of work, and the rights covered by the notice. See 37 CFR 
201.33(f). For the purpose of researching the full Office record of 
NIEs on the Internet, the Office has made online searching instructions 
accessible through the Copyright Office Home Page. Researchers can 
access them through the Library of Congress Home Page on the World Wide 
Web by selecting the copyright link. Select the menu item ``Copyright 
Office Records'' and/or ``URAA, GATT Amends U.S. law.'' In addition to 
online records, images of the complete NIEs as filed are on optical 
disc and available from the Copyright Office.

V. Alien Properties Custodian Act

    The URAA does not restore copyright protection to ``[a]ny work in 
which the copyright was ever owned or administered by the Alien 
Property Custodian and in which the restored copyright would be owned 
by a government or instrumentality thereof.'' 17 
U.S.C.104A(a)(1)(B)(2). For those seeking to determine whether or not 
this exclusion applies to a particular work, the Office published 
background information at 63 FR 19289 (April 17, 1998).

VI. Scope of NIE Recordation

    Under the URAA, the owner of a right in a restored work may file an 
NIE to notify reliance parties of its intention to enforce its right. 
The Copyright Office is required by law to publish in the Federal 
Register ``lists identifying restored works and the ownership thereof 
if a notice of intent to enforce a restored copyright has been filed.'' 
17 U.S.C. 104A(e)(1)(B)(I). The Office does not research the facts 
stated in Notices of Intent to Enforce to determine whether a work is 
or is not eligible for restoration. Nor does the Office adjudicate 
between competing parties who have filed NIEs for identical works. 
(Under section 104A, however, a material false statement knowingly made 
with respect to any restored copyright identified in an NIE makes void 
all claims and assertions made with respect to such restored copyright. 
17 U.S.C. 104A(e)(3).). Accordingly, the filing of an NIE indicates 
only that a party claims rights in a restored work, and does not 
represent a determination by the Copyright Office that this claim is 
valid. In all cases, the validity of such a claim is governed by the 
terms of the relevant law, including the URAA, as applied to the 
relevant facts.

VII. Ninth List of Notices of Intent To Enforce

    The following restored works are listed alphabetically by copyright 
owner; multiple works owned by a particular copyright owner are listed 
alphabetically by title. Works having more than one copyright 
proprietor are listed under the first owner and cross-referenced to the 
succeeding owner(s). A cross-reference to the composite owner (e.g., 
Title I owned by ``A B & C'') will state, ``SEE A B & C'' at the 
listing for each individual owner (e.g., for Owner A, for Owner B and 
for Owner C).

Art Theatre Guild of Japan Company, Ltd., Cinemahaute Company, Ltd.


Art Theatre Guild of Japan Company, Ltd., Takahashi Productions, 
Kokusai Hoei Company, Ltd.

Tattoo ari.

Authors Rights Restoration Corporation, Inc.

Aguiluchos Mexicanos.
El agula y el nopas.
Al filo de los machetes.
Amor a la vida.
Amor en la sombra.
Un amor extrano.
El amor tiene cara de mujer.
El angel del silencio.
Los ardores de mi ahijada.
Asesino trasvesti.
Ay que rechulo es puebla.
El bano de Afrodita.
La barca de oro.
Barridos y regados.
Bartolo toca la flauta.
Bel ami.
Blue Demon contra las diabolicas.
Blue Demon contra los cerebros infernales.
Blue Demon el demonio azul.
Blue Demon vs. las Mujeres Arana.
Bodas de oro.
Caballeria del imperio.
Cabarets de frontera.
Cabo de hornos.
Camino de Sacramento.
Cascara contra bikini.
El caso de la mujer asesinadita.
El chicano justiciero.
Conserje en condominio.
Corazon salvaje.
Corazones de Mexico.
Cri cri el grillito cantor.
Cuando acaba la noche.
Curvas peligrosas.
El derecho de nacer.
La Diana cazadora.
Dona diabla.
Donde estas corazon?
Dueno y senora.
La dulce enemiga.
La edad de la inocencia.
El embajador.
Ensename a besar.
La entrega.
Este vampiro es un tiro.
La fierecilla del puerto.
Fugitivo en la noche.
Gente violenta.
La golondrina.

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Los guaruras.
Hasta que llovio en Sayula.
La hermana blanca.
El hermano Pedro.
La hija de la Camelia.
El hijo de nadie.
Hombre o demonio.
Horizontes de sangre.
Impaciente del corazon.
El indomable solitario.
Isla para dos.
Jesus nuestro senor.
El Jinete justiciero.
Jinete justiciero en retando a la muerte.
Juarez y Maximiliano.
Las limpias.
Mafia de la frontera.
La malaguena.
Mama Dolores.
Maria Magdalena.
Mascara contra bikini.
Los matones del norte.
El ministro y yo.
Mision suicida.
La mujer que no tuvo infancia.
La mujer que quiere a dos.
La mujer que yo ame.
Mujeres sin manana.
Un mulato llamado Martin.
El narco (duelo rojo).
Negro es mi color.
No the enganes corazon.
La noche del pecado.
Nunca es tarde para amar.
Oro maldito.
Oro, sangre y sol.
El Padre Morelos.
La paloma.
Pancho Villa vs. Martin Corono.
Para siempre amor mio.
El patrullero 777.
Pistoleros asesinos.
Pistoleros bajo el sol.
Prisonera del pasado.
Pueblo de odios.
Pueblo en armas.
Que dios me perdone.
Quiero ser artista.
Rancho de mis recuerdos.
Rayando el sol.
El rayo del sur.
La reina de la opereta.
Reina de reinas.
El reina del sur.
Revolucion (la sombra del panico).
El rey de Mexico.
Sabras que te quiero.
San Juan de Dios es jalisco.
Sangre en el ruedo.
Santo contra cerebro del mal.
Santo contra el cerebro diabolico.
Santo contra el conde dracula.
Santo contra hombres infernales.
Santo contra la magia negra.
Santo contra los zombies.
Santo en el museo de cera.
Santo en la venganza de las mujeres vampiro.
Santo frente a la muerte.
Santo vs. la hija de Frankestein.
Santo vs. la mafia del vicio.
Santo y Blue Demon vs. las bestias del terror.
Simon Bolivar.
El socio.
Sonadores de la goria.
Soy charro de Rancho Grande.
Soy Mexicano de aca de este lado.
Te sigo esperando.
Tengo que matarlos.
Terror en los barrios.
Tierra sangrienta.
Tonta tonta pero no tanto.
Las tres alegres comadres.
Los triunfadores.
El ultimo rebelde.
El valor de vivir.
Venganza apache.
Vida inutil de Pito Perez.
Viva la soldadera.
Viva Mexico.
Vuelve Pancho Villa.

Casa Musicale Sonzogno

Lancillotto del lago.
La sulamita.

Cinemahaute Company, Ltd. SEE Art Theatre Guild of Japan Company, Ltd., 
Cinemahaute Company, Ltd.

Films de la Pleiade

D'homme a hommes.

Polski Wydawnictwo Muzyczne

Ballades, 1949.
Chamber music, 1964.
Concertos, 1964.
Impromptus, 1964.
Minor works, 1964.
Nocturnes, 1964.
Polonaises, 1964.
Preludes--CW, 1949.
Preludes--DW, 1949.
Scherzos, 1964.
Sonatas, 1964.
Songs, 1964.
Studies (etudes)--1949.
Waltzes, 1951.

Rahter (D.) Verlag

Rossiniana suite.

Takahashi Productions. SEE Art Theatre Guild of Japan Company, Ltd., 
Takahashi Productions, Kokusai

Toho Company, Ltd., Mifune Productions


Transit Film, GmbH for Federal Republic of Germany

Echo der Heimat, Folge 3.

Uitgeverij Jorrit, BV.

The artist.
The candy store.
The carol singers.
The dinner party.
The flower stall.
Front door greeting.
The goodbye.
The greengrocers' stall.
The map reader.
The photographer.
Piano player.
Puppet show.
The snowman.
The toy shop.
The watchmakers' shop.
Window shopping.

    Dated: August 10, 1998.
Marilyn J. Kretsinger,
Assistant General Counsel.
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