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June 30, 2009 UBPR Delivery Schedule
The June 30, 2009 UBPR is currently available for many banks. UBPR reports are made available as soon as the underlying call report is validated and passes edits at the CDR. Peer group average data will be published for peer groups greater than 2 on Monday, August 3. Peer group data for peer groups 1 and 2 will be published on Friday, August 7.

To obtain a UBPR for a bank available simply select:
Search for a Uniform Bank Performance Report or
All UBPR Statistical Reports and then 'List of Banks In Peer Group' to select one or more banks within a given peer group.


The Uniform Bank Performance Report (UBPR) is an analytical tool created for bank supervisory, examination, and management purposes. In a concise format, it shows the impact of management decisions and economic conditions on a bank's performance and balance-sheet composition. The performance and composition data contained in the report can be used as an aid in evaluating the adequacy of earnings, liquidity, capital, asset and liability management, and growth management. Bankers and examiners alike can use this report to further their understanding of a bank's financial condition, and through such understanding, perform their duties more effectively.

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