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Native American Cardiology Program - High quality cardiovascular disease (CVD) care for Native American People. The Native American Cardiology Program goes the extra miles for our patients. Learn about the unique needs of Native Peoples with CVD and how the NACP medical staff provides cutting edge care for the heart patients of Indian Country. This program provides not only technologically advanced specialty services but more holistic and traditional approach when needed. Out-patient follow-up and frequent visits to the Tribal and IHS clinics complete the comprehensive nature of our health care delivery. Injury Prevention - Injuries are the leading cause of death for American Indians and Alaska Natives ages 1-44 years. The IHS Injury Prevention Program has greatly reduced this injury problem over recent decades through advocacy, strong partnerships, and the use of evidence-based intervention strategies. Recruitment - The Indian Health Care System is an innovative nationwide organization of dedicated public health professionals throughout 35 states serving American Indians and Alaskan Natives in 48 hospitals and 230 clinics. Our health care professionals are considerate in our care, creative in our approach, and compassionate about our diverse patient population. Calendar of Events - The IHS calendar of events is your single source of listings for all major events happening across IHS. This site offers the ability to search current and legacy conferences/events. (GET THE FLASH PLUGIN)

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