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Facilitating Access for the Blind or Other Persons with Disabilities

Notice of Inquiry and Request for Comments on the Topic of Facilitating Access to Copyrighted Works for the Blind or Other Persons With Disabilities; Notice of Public Meeting

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(April 27, 2009)

Supplemental Notice
(April 17, 2009)

Federal Register Notice
(March 26, 2009)

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U.S. Delegation Statement to WIPO



The United States is a Member State of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and an active member of the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR). At recent meetings of the SCCR, WIPO facilitated discussions on the topic of copyright limitations and exceptions, including limitations and exceptions for “blind, visually impaired and other reading-disabled persons.”  At its next meeting (May 25-29, 2009), the SCCR will continue to consider this topic and will exchange information and experiences in order to deepen its collective understanding of the issues. As part of the process, the SCCR is looking to the copyright limitations and exceptions that are currently available for the benefit of the blind, visually impaired and other reading-disabled persons around the world, and has invited Member States to provide supplementary information regarding their national laws and experiences.

In order to allow interested persons to provide their views, the United States Copyright Office and the United States Patent and Trademark Office have published a Notice of Inquiry seeking comment on several focused topics related to the provision of access to copyrighted works for blind or other persons with disabilities. Additionally, a public meeting will be held on May 18, 2009 to facilitate a live exchange of views and information on this topic.