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John Berry


Federal Agency Health and Wellness Reporting Requirements

As announced in my June 18, 2009, memorandum, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has been tasked with collecting information on existing agency employee health and wellness programs. This memorandum provides additional details on what information agencies will need to submit and the methodology OPM will use to collect the information.

In addition to core demographic information such as employee population numbers, agencies will report:

  •  Number of worksites where specific programs/services are offered,
  •  Number of employees with access to the programs/services,
  •  Number of employees using the programs/services,
  •  Cost of programs/services, and
  •  Metrics gathered on programs and services.

OPM will provide an automated on-line tool, “WellCheck,” for your use in submitting the required information. Agency-designated Points of Contact (POC) will have access to the tool to report data about their health and wellness programs, services, policies, costs and metrics. Please provide the name, title, phone number(s) and email addresses of both the POC and senior policy official (e.g., Human Resources Officer) with overall health and wellness program authority to OPM at the email address with a subject line of “WellCheck Designated POC, (Insert Name of Agency)” by August 10, 2009. Agency POC’s will then be sent a log-in and password.

Detailed reporting requirements are listed on In addition to these items, there may be other general questions relating to worksite wellness programs.

This first year of data will provide a baseline against which goals may be set and future improvements measured. Therefore, it is imperative that agencies’ reports be accurate and thorough.

I look forward to working with you toward making a meaningful contribution to the President’s health care reform efforts.

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