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Acquisition Committee for E-Government
Acquisition Committee for E-Government Working Group Documents


The purpose of the Acquisition Committee for E-Gov (ACE) is to provide the Integrated Acquisition Environment E-GOV initiative with:

  • federal acquisition community vision, perspective and guidance,
  • executive level decision-making and oversight regarding scope, priorities, budget and funding
The ACE is an executive steering committee established under the Chief Acquisition Officers Council (CAOC), a senior level forum established for monitoring and improving the federal acquisition environment. The Council is focused on promoting the President's Management Agenda in the acquisition environment.

The responsibilities of the ACE are to:

  • Provide strategic direction for the IAE
  • Establish IAE Initiative's portfolio, which contains acquisition-related projects/systems that support multiple agencies.
  • Recommend the inclusion and prioritization of initiatives and projects within the IAE portfolio to OMB
    • Approve IAE's annual budget and work plan and move them forward to the CAOC for final approval.
    • Provide ruling on IAE Change Control Board (CCB) recommendations that exceed approved current scope and budget.
  • Ensure the alignment of IAE information technology capital investments with business goals as required by the E-Gov Strategy, applicable statutes, Federal architecture framework specifications, Financial Systems Integration Office (FSIO) requirements and acquisition regulations.
    • Review the IAE Initiative's OMB Exhibit 300 in coordination with the IAE Program Management Office (PMO) and provide input and feed back prior to OMB submission.
      • Review and approve business case
      • Review and approve funding model
    • Review each application investment in an annual internal program review (IPR) presentation.
    • Review, approve, and enforce IAE architecture specifications (e.g., standards, constraints, guidelines, processes, and products) for use within the acquisition community.
  • Review the Source Selection Authority's (SSA) recommendations for competitive range and award.
  • Serve as liaison to other government-wide councils as required.


  Ms. Debra E. Sonderman
  Director, Office of Acquisition and Property Management and Senior Procurement Executive
  Department of the Interior
 1849 C Street, NW
Mail Stop 2607
 Washington, DC 20240
  Office Phone: 202-208-6352
  Fax: 202-219-4244
  Ms. LeAntha Sumpter
  Deputy Director for Program Development
  Department of Defense
 3060 Defense Pentagon
Room 3B855
 Washington, DC 20301-3060
  Office Phone: 703-602-7955
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