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Air Resources Laboratory

Atmospheric Dispersion link - factory smoke, photo courtesy of U.S.EPA
Volcanic Ash Modeling link - photo of Mt. Augustine volcano eruption
Wildfire Smoke Forecasting link - photo of forest fire and smoke
HYSPLIT model link - image of HYSPLIT plume above Baltimore, MD

The Air Resources Laboratory (ARL) conducts research and development in the fields of air quality, atmospheric dispersion, and climate. Key activities include the development, evaluation, and application of air quality models; improvement of approaches for predicting atmospheric dispersion of hazardous materials; and the generation of new insights into air-surface exchange and climate variability and trends.

The goal of our work is to improve the Nation's ability to protect human and ecosystem health while also maintaining a vibrant economy.

Laboratory Highlight

ARL to Train Scientists in Mexico on Modeling Air Toxics

Dr. Mark Cohen is one of several international experts invited to provide instruction at an air toxics workshop to be held August 24-27, 2009 in Mexico City at Mexico's National Institute for Ecology/National Environmental Research and Training Center.


Air Quality link - photo of smog over Los Angeles, CA
Climate Reference Network link - photo of measurement equipment near Lander, WY
Atmospheric Mercury link - image of mercury cycle
Climate Reference Network link - photo of measurement equipment at Wolf Point, MT