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Staffing, Recruiting, Examining, and Assessment Policy

Assessment Techniques and Evaluation of Job Applicants

This section describes methods that help identify the best job candidates from among eligible job applicants.

  • Administrative Careers with America (ACWA) (DEOH) PDF Document [3211KB] - ACWA is a program that offers competitive, entry-level (GS-5 and GS-7 levels) employment, through written examination and multiple choice questionnaires in several general occupational areas.

  • Assessment Tools (DEOH 2007) PDF Document [2311KB] - Guidance on proper test use and selection procedures.

  • Personnel Assessment and Selection Resource Center - This resource center provides information about the evaluation and use of assessment tools to improve the match between jobs and applicants. It also explains the benefits and limitations of various assessment methods and offers an extensive list of resource materials.