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Market Access and Compliance

Market Access and Compliance (MAC) identifies and overcomes trade barriers, resolves trade policy issues, and ensures that our trading partners fully meet their obligations under our trade agreements. MAC ensures access to world markets for American companies and workers so they can compete on a “level playing field.”

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The staff of Market Access and Compliance is ready to help you.

MAC’s country desk officers are experts on the commercial, economic, and political climates in their assigned countries. They focus on resolving trade complaints and market access issues, such as:

  • Intellectual Property and Piracy
  • Quotas
  • Standards
  • Customs
  • Transparency and Contract Sanctity
  • National Treatment
  • Good Governance
  • Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards

MAC coordinates efforts with ITA’s Commercial Service staff and industry sector experts, as well as with other foreign policy and trade-related government agencies.

MAC’s Trade Compliance Center (TCC) works with large and small businesses to ensure that they receive the benefits of the more than 270 trade agreements that open up foreign markets to U.S. goods and services. If you believe your company is being treated unfairly in a foreign market, contact the TCC by email or visit TCC On-Line, which contains a wealth of information about U.S. exporter rights under our trade agreements.

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