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508 and You - Persons with a disability

Section 508 will open many more doors to information for people with disabilities. While all stakeholders, Federal agencies, industry representatives, and, most certainly, people with disabilities are interested in a rapid implementation of Section 508, it is recognized that the product development lifecycle and other product development issues may make implementation occur on a slower timeline than hoped.

If you are a Federal employee with a disability, or a member of the public requiring access to public information, we ask you to work with the Federal agencies to help meet your needs. Test the available systems and information dissemination mechanisms to ensure that the Federal government is providing information in accessible formats, that new web sites are accessible, and the other EIT being procured by the government is accessible to you. Check with your Section 508 Coordinator to see how you can help implement Section 508 within your agency, offer suggestions and alternative solutions when you can.

Under Section 508, each agency develops procedures for handling Section 508 complaints. This represents your first opportunity to solve the problem. Contact the agency's Section 508 Coordinator and ask to whom and how you register a Section 508 complaint.

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